With the first riff it is immediately clear to everyone: GENERATION STEEL are pure teutonic steel! The metallic five-piece, founded in the heart of Hesse in 2019, is committed to traditional heavy metal in the style of the 80s greats and with every note played the desire and passion can be heard and felt.

Already with their debut album “The Eagle Will Rise” (2021, produced by ACCEPT string wizard Uwe Lulis), they achieved much more than just a respectable success and quickly arrived in the local heavy metal scene. GENERATION STEEL also made an excellent name for themselves live and gained a loyal and constantly growing fan base within a very short time.

With El Puerto Records they found a suitable partner for the next steps and so the second long player “Lionheart”, again produced by Uwe Lulis, was released in October 2023 on a broad level, with an excellent response from the trade press and fans as well as high placements in the German metal rock charts released.

This was followed by a successful Germany-wide club tour with the Swedish heavy/power metal greats MANIMAL and shows at several festivals.

Thanks to the cooperation with other business and PR partners (including, nothing stands in the way of a successful future and GENERATION STEEL are ready for whatever comes with a lot of energy, enthusiasm and metallic passion – live and on record!