Jack the Riffer
   Pascal Lorenz
   Rio Ullrich
   Michael Kaspar
   Chris Hauske

Rising like a roaring thunder from the heart of Germany, GENERATION STEEL stands as a powerhouse of heavy metal, embracing the spirit of true teutonic metal. From their early days, the band’s journey has been defined by an unwavering passion for their craft. As they took their first step into the spotlight with the album “The Eagle Will Rise,” it became clear that they were set on a remarkable journey.

A long-term friendship led to Uwe Lulis, the renowned guitarist of ACCEPT, joined forces with the band as their artistic producer. Released worldwide on January 22nd, 2021 via PURE STEEL RECORDS, “The Eagle Will Rise” made an unforgettable impact, earning widespread acclaim from both fans and critics alike. The debut not only marked the beginning of their musical journey but also laid the foundation for an unbreakable bond of friendship among the band members.

Fueled by the fires of success, GENERATION STEEL embraced a transformative process. As the new year dawned in 2022, the band strategically recharted their course, forming meaningful connections with kindred spirits in the industry. This pivotal moment led them to discover a welcoming haven atthe label El Puerto Records, where their potential was recognized and their vision was shared. United in this alliance, the band concentrated on honing their musical prowess and extending their influence, captivating an even larger audience with their powerful anthemic metal sound. With the addition of Lucky Bob, a renowned agency, to their team, GENERATION STEEL’s horizons broadened even further. Lucky Bob took charge of their bookings, ensuring the band’s electrifying live performances. Moreover, their social media presence blossomed under the agency’s expert guidance, fostering a deeper connection with their devoted fanbase and welcoming new enthusiasts into their metal family.

The upcoming album, “Lionheart,” stands tall as a testament to the band’s artistic maturation and camaraderie. Once again, they join forces with Uwe Lulis, whose magic touch infuses the album with a sonic intensity like never before. Full of enthusiasm, the band is looking forward to the release on October 27th 2023 and is preparing for the tour that will take place in autumn. GENERATION STEEL will offer thrilling live shows that radiate pure passion and metallic energy!

As they continue their ascent, the future gleams brightly for GENERATION STEEL. Each obstacle they encounter is but another stepping stone on their path to glory. United in their purpose and fortified by the unbreakable bond of friendship, they stand ready to conquer new heights, both as musicians and as a formidable force within the heavy metal community. A sense of eager anticipation lingers, eagerly awaiting the emergence of a renewed era of Teutonic metal, brought to life by the unwavering spirit of GENERATION STEEL!